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IV Hydration located in Chester, New Jersey

Our urgent care provides fluid IV rehydration to those in need. Our fluids contain valuable vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to get you feeling better fast. It is always good to know the signs of dehydration and when to take appropriate action. Those with existing health problems, children and seniors, are at a higher risk for dehydration. Make sure your loved ones are safe and get the care they need from our compassionate healthcare professionals.

IV Hydration Treatments for:

  • Overexertion without enough water
  • Heat stroke and exposure
  • Excessive vomiting and diarrhea
  • Food poisoning
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Patients with illnesses that are prone to dehydration
  • And many more

Know the signs of severe dehydration and be sure to get to an emergency department quickly for treatment!

Low blood pressure
Rapid heartbeat
Rapid breathing
Extreme thirst
Extreme fussiness or sleepiness in infants and children; irritability and confusion in adults
Very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes
Little or no urination — any urine that is produced will be darker than normal
Sunken eyes

Please note that if you are experiencing severe dehydration, do not wait. Visit your local Emergency Department right away.

Why Visit Us?

Board-certified physicians!
In network with most insurance plans!
Quality medical care!
Respectful staff members!
Treat ages 4 months and older!
Cost-effective alternative to ER!
Modern facility!

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